HRMAG Student Chapter Goals

  • To promote mutually beneficial interaction between HRMAG and HR faculty and students at colleges and universities in the Triad.   Specifically we want to offer students the opportunity to interact with HR professionals and to supplement their classroom education with exposure to the real world of HR.

  • To sponsor student chapters at North Carolina A&T State University, University of North Carolina Greensboro, and Strayer University.   

  • To provide opportunities, through participation and leadership in student chapter activities, for students to enhance their knowledge and experience in order to effectively enter the HR profession upon graduation.   

For more information on SHRM student chapters, please visit:

Communications & Contacts  

Faculty Advisors are the focal point for coordinating communications between students at their school and HRMAG College Relations.



HRMAG encourages HR faculty to attend HRMAG meetings and seminars.  Faculty Advisors for HRMAG-sponsored student chapters shall be eligible for free membership in HRMAG.  For other HR faculty, membership in HRMAG is not required in order to attend monthly meetings; however, a discounted guest fee of $15.00 per meeting is due at the time you make your reservation on the HRMAG website.  Payment must be made when arriving at the HRMAG meeting location.      

HR Faculty is encouraged to coordinate the reservations for students from their school attending HRMAG meetings. HR Faculty who plan to attend HRMAG monthly meetings should make an advance reservation for themselves and their students through the calendar link on the HRMAG website.


HRMAG welcomes HR students to become Student Members of HRMAG. Following are the criteria for Student Membership: 

(1)    Must be an active member of NC A&T, UNCG or Strayer University HR Student Chapter.

(2)    Must submit a HRMAG Student Membership Application form (and Faculty Advisor must confirm active membership in student chapter). Must re-submit each year in January.

(3)    Graduated students who have been active members of the NC A&T, UNCG or Strayer HR Student Chapters, and do not meet the requirements for Regular HRMAG membership, may request to continue their Student Membership in HRMAG for a period of one year following graduation. Spring graduates must re-apply the following January.

(4)    Student Membership in HRMAG is free but a $15.00 fee is required for each HRMAG meeting attended, and payable upon arrival at the HRMAG meeting location. 

(5)    The benefits of Student Membership are that students are welcome to attend HRMAG meetings and include HRMAG membership on their resume. Student membership does not include access to the Members Only section of the HRMAG website. 

(6)    Because students will not have access to the Members Only section, job postings will be sent via e-mail to Student Chapter Faculty Advisors to be forwarded to their Student Chapter Members. 

The Student Member Application is located on the HRMAG website.

Please consult with your faculty advisor regarding attendance at HRMAG meetings, as faculty at some schools assist in coordinating the reservations for their students.  Students are also welcome to participate in other HRMAG professional development seminars at the same cost as for other HRMAG members. 

Volunteer Opportunities

There are opportunities for students to provide volunteer assistance at HRMAG meetings and seminars. In addition, the HRMAG Board may have opportunities for student volunteers to assist the Board on special projects. We encourage students to volunteer, as volunteering provides a unique opportunity to meet and interact with HR professionals.   In addition, HRMAG will typically waive attendance fees for student volunteers.  Please contact the College Relations Chair if you are interested in volunteering.   

We encourage all HR students to become national SHRM members because of the incredible amount of benefits and resources which SHRM membership makes available to you.  More information on student membership can found at

The Student Chapter Presidents will be invited to participate in all HRMAG Board meetings. 


Student Chapter Meetings

Meetings will be arranged by and agendas planned by the student officers and members to ensure that the meetings are of greatest value and interest to the student chapter members.  

The College Relations Chair encourages HRMAG members to host a student chapter meeting at their company. Please contact College Relations Chair to arrange this activity.  

Guest Speakers/Workshops

Many of HRMAG’s members are experts in their field of HR and are recognized leaders in the human resources arena. The student chapter should feel free to tap into this talent and vast pool of knowledge.   Faculty is encouraged to contact the College Relations Chair with requests for classroom speakers or with ideas for topics and speakers for student chapter meetings. Among the possibilities are workshops on resume writing and mock interviews conducted by HRMAG members.


Internships give students an opportunity to complement their education with career-related experience.  Active members of HRMAG-sponsored student chapters who have the appropriate education and/or experience to qualify for an internship in human resources have the opportunity to submit their resume to the College Relations Chair. Contact the HRMAG College Relations Chair ( for more information on the process.   The College Relations Core Leadership Area of HRMAG may have limited funds available for paid internship opportunities with HRMAG member organizations.  HRMAG member companies and the College Relations Chair can jointly develop a compliant internship opportunity.  We can determine an hourly pay rate based on the internship duration, scheduled hours and available budget funds.  A lump sum payment would be made to the HRMAG member company, who would pay the student intern based on hours worked (using a written verification system) on a weekly basis, subject to tax withholding and the issuance of a W-2.  The College Relations Chair is happy to assist HRMAG members in developing effective internship opportunities.   

For a “how-to” guide on creating successful internships, please visit the following website:

Student HR Chapter members may find further information on internships at the following website:

Resume Book

Faculty advisors may work with their students to create a Resume Book of HR student resumes. These books may be made available to HRMAG members through an email request to

Contributions to HRMAG News

HRMAG issues a newsletter to its members. Faculty advisors and students are encouraged to contribute articles to the HRMAG News regarding HR student activities and accomplishments. Student HR Chapter article contributions should be sent to

Site Visits, Job Shadowing and Mentoring

HRMAG members are encouraged to volunteer and host a small group of student chapter members for a site visit at their company. Activities recommended for the site visit include a facility tour, overview of your organization (function and structure) and a discussion of the HR function including structure and daily tasks. Site visits help students better understand the corporate human resources management function.

Alternatively you may volunteer to host one student chapter member for a job shadowing opportunity with you. The HRMAG College Relations Chair will seek to match interested students with volunteers. 

Lastly, HRMAG members are encouraged to volunteer to mentor a student chapter member. Mentors are requested for a commitment of one semester minimum, although it may continue longer as agreed between the mentor and student.   Mentors will be expected to communicate with their student at least once per month.

Suggested mentoring activities include: going to lunch together, attending meetings or a training program together, job shadowing, discussing professional protocol, discussing how to handle day-to-day HR challenges, etc. 

For HRMAG members who are unable to commit the time or resources to offer an internship, these are excellent ways for you to help a student, identify a future intern, or new hire for your organization. 

Student Presentations at HRMAG Meetings

The College Relations Chair will work with the HRMAG Board and Faculty Advisors to identify opportunities for student presentations at HRMAG meetings. In addition to giving students the opportunity to enhance their presentation skills and to share learning with HRMAG members, such presentations help encourage involvement of more HRMAG members in student activities. Faculty advisors and students are encouraged to submit to the HRMAG College Relations Chair their ideas for program topics and/or speakers. 

Faculty Advisor

Master of Science in Management with a Concentration in Human Resources Management

Faculty Advisor

Bachelor of Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resource Management

Faculty Advisor 

Bachelor of Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resources Management

Master of Science in Human Resource Management 

Faculty Advisor

Lila Jordan 


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